Slideshow Monitor.


With our optional Slideshow Monitor, the photo booth pictures will be instantly displayed on a beautiful 32″ high definition monitor, bringing even more attention and fun to the booth! You can also display your own photos on the screen, or mix them in with the live Photo Booth pictures.

Social Media Kiosk.

Get even more exposure of your event using our optional Social Media Kiosk! Pictures from the Photo Booth will be automatically displayed on the iPad outside the booth, allowing your guests to instantly share them on Facebook, Instagram, text message or e-mail.


Hashtag Printer.

1. Snap

Your guests snaps a photo or self on their phone.

2. Tag

Your guest uploads the photo to Instagram or Twitter using your custom #hashtag.

3. Print

Our system monitors Instagram & Twitter, and will instantly print them with your custom branding for your guests to display and enjoy in real time at your event.

Animated GIFs.

Add on to your existing Photo Booth rental, or book this technology separately to bring the fun of Animated GIF’s to your event!

Turn ordinary photos into an Animated GIF with a custom template to share even more fun content with your friends! You can control the speed of animation and have both the background and foreground animation move independently. You can instantly share individual Animated GIF’s via text message or e-mail, or receive all of the Animated GIF’s from the entire event at the end of the night on a flash drive.

Want both Animated GIF’s and physical prints? We can create two separate templates (digital animation and physical print), and give your guests an event souvenir to display by providing them an instant lab-quality photo print, as well as a digital animation that they can share on social media platforms!

Snapchat custom filter.

We can create a custom Snapchat™ filter for your event, and every guest at your event will have access to the filter in their Snapchat app. When someone uses a filter it will be sent either directly to one of their friends or added to their story, where all of their friends on Snapchat will be able to see.